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Linoleum Flooring Glasgow

At Allfloors in Glasgow, we have a wide range of flooring to choose from, including lino flooring (linoleum). This product is available in sheet and tile format as well as “click together” panels. Despite the popularity of lino flooring, many people still don’t fully understand what separates it from vinyl flooring.

Many people assume that vinyl and lino flooring are the same material, which can often lead to confusion for homeowners across Glasgow trying to differentiate between the two.

Although they share some similarities, there are some key differences that separate the two materials, which we’ve outlined below:


 Whilst vinyl flooring is available in a selection of colours, the versatility of Lino flooring means it is available in a much wider range of colours, making it a popular choice for anybody looking to add a splash of colour to their home.

Easy cleaning

 Vinyl flooring is often chosen as it requires very little maintenance, and lino flooring is very easy to maintain. It is a popular choice for Hospitals and Doctor surgeries for example.


Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for bathrooms and kitchens, and lino flooring is probably more versatile, being suitable for a wide range of rooms due to its waterproof properties. It is also regularly installed in commercial premises due to its wearability.


Vinyl flooring is made from synthetic materials, whilst lino flooring is made from natural materials, including linseed oil, jute, , limestone, roisinand wood flour.

There are several similarities between these two types of flooring, yet many people never consider lino flooring for their home.

If you’d like to find out about lino flooring for your home, get in touch with us.

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