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Why use New Underlay for your Carpet?


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When installing a new carpet, it is highly recommended that you also replace the underlay beneath. 

Re-using an old underlay can significantly reduce the lifespan of your new carpet, making the surface feel hard to walk on and producing premature wear spots and wrinkling.

A carpet with old underlay will tend to deteriorate at a much faster rate, causing the carpet fibres to break down and making it less comfortable to walk on.

Old carpet underlay can also give off a rather pungent smell. Eeeww!

New carpet underlay from Allfloors, on the other hand, will massively increase the comfort of your carpet as well as increasing sound and thermal insulation. It will provide your feet with a lovely cushion to walk on and keep the carpet lush and deep for many years to come.

The right flooring underlay is the key to a flawless finish when installing new flooring and will reduce noise and wear even when exposed to heavy footfall.

Sounds good right!

What is Underlay?

Simply put, underlay is an insulator for your carpet that offers superb cushioning and comfort for your feet. 

It is installed beneath the carpet itself and acts as a barrier between the underside of the carpet and the floorboards beneath.

It is designed to prolong the life of your carpets, increase comfort, and reduce wear. At Allfloors we have a selection of different market leading underlays for you to choose from that excel in all these areas, and many more besides.

Read on to discover the major benefits of using each different type of underlay with your new carpets, and how to pick the right underlay for your flooring.

Quick Tip

A maximum underlay depth of no more than 11mm is highly recommended when installing new carpets. 

It will obviously be more cost effective to use (or some rooms may require) a less expensive underlay, but please be aware this may compromise the longevity of the carpet. This can be advised/discussed with our experts once they have seen the room or area in question.

underlay types

Polyurethane Foam (PU)

Polyurethane foam is the most popular type of underlay chosen by UK homeowners and is recommended as standard by almost all carpet installers.

There is a good reason for this as this underlay, made from recycled foam offcuts, offers superb comfort and makes your carpet feel extra soft and comfortable.

underlay types


Rubber underlay will put a spring in your step. Literally! Sponge rubber underlay is ideal for bedroom carpets, giving your carpet a bouncy and spongy feel that makes walking on it an absolute pleasure.

Rubber crumb underlay, on the other hand, is slightly flatter and denser and helps to prolong the life of carpets in high traffic areas such as hallways and staircases.

underlay types


Made from recycled fibres such as jute and wool, felt underlay is environmentally friendly and ideal for use with a woven wool carpet. It is a great choice for any homeowner due to the fantastic thermal insulation it offers, keeping your home lovely and warm during the winter months.

At Allfloors, we care deeply about the environment and are always looking to offer products that are extra kind to the planet, including our underlay and underlay tape. As part of this, we offer carpet underlay that is made exclusively using recycled plastic bottles.

underlay types

Underfloor heating underlay

Unsurprisingly, underfloor heating underlay is perfect for homes with underfloor heating and is constructed from a heat-resistant combination of crepe paper and sponge, adding that little bit of extra comfort to your floor.

This underlay is also sound proof and has excellent thermal insulation properties.

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