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What is an Amtico One Retailer?

If you are considering buying an Amtico floor for your home (and you should be!) you should ALWAYS use the services of an Amtico One flooring company.Amtico One Retailer

We aren’t just saying that because we are one either!

Amtico One status is granted to a select number of flooring companies who have been recognised by world leading flooring manufacturer Amtico as having the skills and knowledge required to provide their customer with the full Amtico LVT range.

Amtico products are widely regarded as the pinnacle of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), so much so that Amtico is often mistaken for a flooring type rather than a flooring manufacturer.

The company have built their reputation using the very best cutting edge manufacturing techniques and are well known for maintaining the very highest standards in every single part of their production process.


With this hard fought reputation at stake, the company is very picky about who they partner with to sell their products to customers and only flooring companies who share their ethos of attention to detail are allowed to become exclusive retail partners.


Why use an Amtico One Retailer?

So, now you know what an Amtico One retailer is, and why the status is so desirable in the flooring world. But why is using one so important for you as a potential buyer?

Well, there are several benefits to using an Amtico One retailer when buying a new floor.

Highly Trained Staff

As part of the Amtico One application process, all staff must undergo extensive training on all things Amtico, ensuring they have the knowledge and expertise to do their products justice.

This means that when you visit our exclusive Amtico One showroom, you will be treated to the full VIP Amtico experience, with our expert team guiding you through the range of styles on offer, answering any questions you may have and generally making finding your new floor a walk in the park.

Full Range of Products

At Allfloors, we are delighted to offer our customers a huge selection of different Amtico designs from all their top product ranges.

Every home is different, and no manufacturer offers a broader range of flooring styles than Amtico from classic Victorian wood effect to the latest contemporary stone or marble.

Our Amtico Collections

  • Amtico Signature
  • Amtico Form
  • Amtico Spacia
  • Amtico Décor



Your floor isn’t just for walking on. It is a key part of your home and a chance to express your personality and sense of style. When you are going to be looking at and walking on something for the next 30 or more years, you want to make sure it is just right.

Lifetime Warranty

With a lifetime warranty on all their products, you can reast easy knowing that if anything does go wrong, you won’t be left with a hefty replacement bill.

Slim chance of that though, when you consider that every single product that Amtico produce goes through as many as 43 separate product assurance checks.

At Allfloors, our record of customer care speaks for itself, with a 4.9/5 average review rating on Google, but with an investment as important as a new floor, its always nice to have the comfort blanket of an industry leading warranty as well!


Is Amtico Better than laminate?

It depends on what you are looking for. If price is your major concern and you are looking for a cheaper alternative to real wood that still looks pretty realistic, standard laminate flooring could be perfect.

If you are looking for a material that offers a wider selection of designs, replicating the texture and appearance of stone and wood with remarkable realism, doesn’t swell or warp in bathrooms or kitchens, AND lasts well over 30 years with very little maintenance, Amtico is the one for you.

Amtico flooring Glasgow also has the advantage of being fully compatible with underfloor heating up to 27 degrees, making it the go-to choice for the modern homeowner seeking the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency.


Visit Our Amtico One Showroom

We could talk about how wonderful Amtico flooring is until the cows come home, but you really do need to see it to understand what all the fuss is about.

Luckily, with our showroom just down the road from Glasgow in East Kilbride, you don’t need to travel very far to do just that.

There are only a handful of Amtino One retailers in Scotland, and even fewer with an in-house interactive design tool that can let you see exactly how your new Amtico floor would look in your own home.

To visit one today, come down to our Amtico Showroom at 8-10 Wilson Place East Kilbride, G74 4QD or get in touch to learn more.

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