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How to Measure for Flooring


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To help us give you an accurate “quick quote” we first need to know the rough size of the area you need covered. 

This guide will help you to accurately calculate a room’s length and width measurements when choosing your new flooring.

Measuring a room for your chosen floor covering will allow us to give you a more accurate cost of installation estimate but we will always carry out a survey to double check the dimensions before installation. This is a floor measuring guide NOT an installation guide.

Once you have completed your measurement, you will be ready to make your flooring material selection. This process allows you to budget more effectively and get a more accurate idea of how much the total cost of installation will be. We will let you know exactly how much flooring is needed for your space based on the measurements you give.

LVT flooring, Wood flooring, Laminate flooring, etc.

Make sure to take your measurements from the widest point, including any bay windows and door entrances, rather than simply measuring from wall to wall.

The size of any “inshots”, fireplaces, kitchen units, etc. should also be noted when measuring for hardwood flooring or a synthetic alternative.

Adding an annotated sketch or drawing that shows these measurements is always welcome and will help us give you the most accurate possible quote.

Carpets and vinyl

The process for carpets and vinyl is slightly different, purely because the flooring is made up of one single piece, rather than individual tiles.

You should still measure flooring from the widest possible point, and include any entrances or bay windows. Then you should add 10cm onto all sides, to account for the cutting in process during installation.

To avoid any joins, make sure that the width of the carpet that you are buying exceeds the width of the room. For instance, if your room width is 4.4m wide and the carpet you are buying is available in 4m and 5m widths then we will supply the 5m wide product.

A sketch or drawing is always helpful for us when advising you on your carpet or vinyl requirements.

Halls, Stairs & Landing

Measuring flooring for these spaces is a bit more complicated!

As well as the standard width x length measurements, you will need to take certain additional measurements to ensure you purchase enough flooring. 

When measuring stairs, make sure to take into account the tread and the riser. To save time, measure the tread and riser on the bottom step and multiply by the number of steps.

When measuring a landing or hallway, make sure to account for all the doorways on each side. There might be quite a few!

A sketch showing any distinct features of your stairways, halls, or landings is always handy.

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