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Could LVT Flooring be the biggest success story of 2024?

What better way to beat the January blues and make a fresh start in 2024 than by replacing your tired old carpet or laminate with stunning new LVT flooring from AllFloors Glasgow?

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) has been the fastest growing flooring material in the world for nearly 15 years now, renowned across the world for its realism, durability, and value for money.

Sound like something you want to be missing out on?

We didn’t think so.

With a highly realistic finish featuring all the notches and imperfections of real wood or stone, and a wear layer that keeps your new floor in perfect condition for many decades, LVT flooring is the market leading flooring material for 2024 and far beyond.

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What is the secret to LVT’s Success?

The rapid rise of LVT has been no fluke. The most successful new products in any market are the ones that meet a real need and offering customers something different to what is already on the market.

This is EXACTLY what top LVT flooring manufacturers such as Amtico and Karndean have done over the past decade.

Traditionally, consumers have had a few select options when picking a new floor for their home.

One: Natural Materials such as wood or stone. Two: Man-made replicas such as laminate or vinyl. Three: Carpets.

The issue? Well, carpet was the most popular, but it was no good for a kitchen or bathroom and many preferred the look of natural materials. Laminate and vinyl claimed to offer this look and were very affordable, but the realism of their ‘replica’ surfaces was questionable, and whilst tone and wood looked fantastic, they were pretty expensive and required a lot of ongoing care and maintenance.

The flooring world was crying out for a new material to take the market by storm, offering customers the best of all three of these material worlds.

Step forward Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). Whilst still a man-made imitation of natural materials, the technological advancements made by market leaders such as Amtico, lead to a far more realistic appearance than existing laminate and vinyl.

It was also much easier to maintain than a hardwood floor AND could be installed over almost any underfloor heating system.

All these factors contributed to something of a perfect storm for LVT and the material swiftly soared in popularity and hasn’t looked back since.

If you are looking for the stunning aesthetic of natural flooring, the warmth and comfort of carpet, and the simple maintenance of laminate, LVT is exactly what you are looking for and is now the go-to-choice for design savvy homeowners in 2024.

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Why Choose LVT Flooring in 2024?

Everything that prompted the rapid rise of LVT remain the major attractions for floor buyers in 2024, and if you are looking for long lasting performance and style, you really can’t go wrong.

Just some of the reasons that LVT remains the market leading flooring option for homes and businesses alike include:

Superb Durability

New flooring might be a good new years resolution for 2024, but its hardly something you want to be looking for every year.

Luckily, with LVT, you won’t need to think about your floors again for decades, except to wonder at how great it looks and feels.

LVT Amtico flooring can last upwards of 30-35 years in many cases, with a warranty of up to 35 years from installation on all their flooring products.


Easy Cleaning

When we say LVT is low maintenance, we mean it. The wear layer built into each tire offers exceptional protection against spills, scratches, and other accidental damage and all you need to worry about is giving your floor a dry mop and occasional wet mop cleaning.

With LVT you no longer need to compromise on aesthetics for the sake of convenience.


Fast Installation

Our LVT experts have more than earned their title and will have your floor measured, cut, and installed in no time at all.

For more information on the floor installation process, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Value for money

LVT sits at a mid-level price point between the lower-quality vinyl and more expensive hardwood floors.

However, given the additional durability LVT offers in comparison to vinyl and the closeness with which it replicates wood, it is widely accepted that LVT is the most cost-effective flooring type currently on the market.


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