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Top Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles are versatile and durable.  There are ideal for several home environments such as family rooms, basements and playrooms, the carpet tile market is a segment that’s always growing in popularity.  Let’s firstly check out what carpet tiles are:

What are carpet tiles?

Sometimes called carpet squares or modular carpet, carpet tiles are basically carpet squares that are fitted together. They come in various sizes such as 24 x 24 or 18 x 18.  Carpet tiles are also relatively simple to install and to deliver and an excellent form of office flooring. We always suggest using Allfloors as the installer to make sure the job is completed to the highest possible standard.

Advantages of Carpet Tiles

  1. Colourful and creative
  2. Cost effective
  3. Easier to maintain and replace individual tiles
  4. Very durable
  5. Less waste
  6. Hypoallergenic compared with traditional carpets
  7. Eco-friendly

1) Carpet tiles can be colourful and creative

If you want to express your creative side and add a touch of style to proceedings then install colourful and creative carpet tiles in your home. You can mix and match bright colours or just put in a little colour, it’s completely up to you.  For the likes of a playroom for your kids or family room then carpet tiles are a great option.

2) Carpet tiles can be less expensive

Carpet tiles can be less expensive than other options. Less expensive than hard flooring, this product offers some warmth and colour to the room.

3) Easy to maintain and easy to replace individual tiles

Carpet tiles can last, last and last.  When you have a stain on the carpet you can simply pop out a couple of the tiles and replace them. Thus, making the carpet last much longer than a normal wall to wall carpet.

This type of flooring is also one of the easier formats to clean. Vacuum like you would a normal type of carpet. Carpet tiles tent to be lower pile so trapping less debris and dirt.  It can also camouflage dirt through its colour variations.

Be sure to buy extra tiles when you get yours from us at Allfloors Glasgow.

4) Carpet tiles are very durable

Most carpet tiles are looped, very tight and low pile. Designed to stand up to even heavy commercial traffic, they’re perfect for the home that’s busy with kids and pets.  Moreover, some tiles are darker with patterns and striations that make them look longer.

Several carpet tile options also come with enhanced protection against stains as well.

5) Carpet tiles have less waste

Carpet tiles are smaller and fit rooms better so you avoid waste with this type of flooring. You also avoid unattractive seams this way. If you want carpet tiles installed in a room with a complex layout and many turns then you’re in luck as they are very versatile.

6) Most carpet tiles are low pile and better for indoor air quality/allergies

If you suffer from allergies and are looking for better quality air inside the home then carpet tiles are worth consideration as they trap less dirt as their flatter and low pile as previously mentioned.

7) Carpet Tiles are Eco-Friendly

Whether you’re looking to change up your floor in a domestic or commercial property, carpet tiles are a great choice for all the eco warriors out there as most are made from recycled materials so you’re not only improving the look of your home, you’re doing your part for the planet too.

If you’re looking for your next flooring project then please get in touch with Allfloors Glasgow today. We have a wide range of carpet tile products to improve your home. Also stay up to date on the blog for hints, tips and news from the flooring industry.

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