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Tips For Cleaning Your Man Made Carpet

Let’s face it, we’re all proud of our homes. We like them looking their best; from the bedrooms and living areas to the bathrooms and kitchens. One thing that often occurs is the problem of cleaning our carpet and making it look as good as new from when we first bought it.  It can seem like an impossible task to complete with all the footfall, crumbs and every other daily strain that carpets go through.

It’s okay though, we fortunately live in an age where the quality carpets we buy are of an excellent standard and using the correct method, they can be cleaned in no time at all.

Let’s check out the Allfloors Glasgow guide to keeping your carpet clean, tidy and fresh all year round:

Vacuum regularly

One of the best ways to prolong your carpets lifespan is to regularly vacuum the areas where there are the highest areas of traffic.  At Allfloors, we suggest using a cleaner with an active beater bar for the majority of “man made” carpets. This helps lift soil from the area you’re wanting to clean.

It’s important to clean areas of the house used frequently

It’s important to clean areas of carpet such as entrances, doorways and other living areas frequently, as these areas collect much more dirt that other areas of carpet in the house.  Keeping these areas under control means  dirt won’t spread to other areas of the house and keep your carpet looking its best for longer.

Attend to stains and spills as they happen

It can happen. Spillages occur every day. It can happen with friends, with family or on your own. To avoid a stain when an accidental spillage happens, it’s important to deal with the problem as quickly as possible, so the liquid doesn’t dry in.

Use professional cleaners to keep your carpet at its best

Dust and other oils leave a thin film over the carpet, even in places where there is no footfall. To keep the carpet in peak condition for longer, we suggest on occasion, using professional carpet cleaners to attend to the carpet. Carpets will look their best as professional carpet cleaners use formulated cleaners which are made for your carpet.

General Overview of Procedures

  • Clean a spillage as it happens
  • Don’t rub the spillage
  • Soak it up with paper towels
  • Vacuum up lose particles
  • Sponge the spillage with warm water with a cloth
  • Don’t walk on the carpet until dry

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