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The Story Behind Karndean Flooring

What is the real story behind Karndean flooring?

Karndean is such a huge brand within the flooring industry that many think it’s a type of flooring and not a brand. Established back in the early 70’s (1973), Karndean has become the biggest brand within the Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring sector. With over 40 years’ experience within the industry, they’re at the forefront of flooring design.

The team at Karndean know that the quality of the floor is the most important aspect of their product. All types of Karndean flooring is manufactured with the highest quality of materials and with decades and decades of technical experience, each tile is created to the highest possible standard.

There are many fantastic aspects to Karndean LVT flooring but one of the big selling points is how long lasting the product is. No matter the footfall this product deals with on a daily basis it is sturdy, strong and looks great.   LVT Karndean is scratch resistant and waterproof too.

Another great aspect to Karndean flooring is the vast choice of designs in the range. The team of designers at Karndean have a real passion for what they do. They create a huge range of designs for every room in the home, in any style and for any budget.

Karndean is a great choice of flooring compared to other types of flooring:

Hardwood Flooring

Unlike Hardwood flooring, Karndean doesn’t shrink or expand and keeps the same form throughout its lifetime. Furthermore, Karndean is much easier to maintain as there’s no need to waste time sanding or lacquering like you would with hardwood.


Karndean is also a fantastic option compared to carpeted floors. For people who suffer allergies, carpets can harbour dust mites and bacteria when left unattended while Karndean doesn’t need the same attention as it is free of these pests. Karndean is easily to clean in comparison to carpet and has a lifelong guarantee which often doesn’t happen when you purchase a carpet.

Ceramic Tiles

You also may me deciding whether to choose between Karndean flooring over ceramic tiles. If you have a home with more than one level, Karndean is the better choice due to its weight. It’s much lighter than stones or tiles, which makes it much easier to install too. Karndean is also warm underfoot compared to stone or ceramic tiles so it’s a great choice for the home during the cold winter months.


Karndean has the feel of real wood which laminate fails to do. In bathrooms and wet rooms, Karndean is a superior choice compared to laminate as it’s waterproof while the latter can peal back and be exposed to water and moisture.

At All Floors Glasgow, we’re proud to stock all of products in the Karndean range. Karndean is easy to install, durable which lasts the test of time, is available in most designs and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Please get in contact with us online where we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements for your new Karndean flooring.

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