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Safety Flooring Glasgow

Safety flooring can provide protection and safety for a variety of different environments. We stock and install 2 main brands:  Polysafe and Altro, both of which are renowned for their reliability and versatility. We’ve worked with these 2 brands extensively and can offer some insight for customers who need more information about the best option for their needs.

This page focuses on safety flooring with a particular focus on the rubber flooring that we offer here at All Floors. For more commercial flooring ideas check out our flooring contractors page.

Polysafe Safety Flooring

Polysafe has managed to establish itself as one of the most popular safety flooring brands in the world. Consistently optimal performance and attractive design has led to the brand becoming widely used in the flooring industry.

Combining the assurance of sustainable slip resistance with high durability, a Polysafe safety floor can provide consistently excellent performance for years to come. Available in a range of designs (over 15 available) customers can choose from either traditional or clean styles to get the perfect look for commercial, residential and industrial settings.


Every Polysafe floor features the exclusive Polysafe PUR reinforcement to ensure that the floor looks great and is easy to maintain too.

Polysafe safety flooring is the perfect option for high traffic areas that are prone to water spillage and other contaminants.  In commercial and residential areas, this could include bathrooms, classrooms and kitchens, however, Polysafe is a popular choice across all areas of buildings in industries such as education, healthcare, social housing, leisure and commercial office sectors.

This video does a really good job at showing off the aesthetics and quality of Polflor’s Polysafe safety flooring: 

This video does a really good job at showing people what Altro can do. As an interesting fact, altro acutally invented safety flooring. 

Not what you’re looking for? Why not check out our commercial office flooring.

We can provide our customers with both Altro and Polysafe safety flooring for a variety of different purposes. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Altro Safety Flooring

Altro has everything that you need in safety flooring – durability, slip resistance and ease of installation. If you’re searching for safety flooring for a heavy traffic area, look no further than Altro.

Although renowned for their durability, you’ll still find a range of designs available for Altro safety flooring to ensure that they can fit seamlessly into your desired setting.

Altro safety floors are designed for areas where aesthetics, slip resistance and durability are all a priority.  Environments like receptions, corridors, shops, wards and day rooms where appearance and safety are both important are perfect for this brand of safety flooring.


These low maintenance floors are easy to clean, making them especially effective in areas prone to water spillage and contamination.

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