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Psychological benefits of carpets

As we all know the last few years have been a very stressful period for us all, and the last place we want to feel overwhelmed with anxieties is in the sanctuary of our own homes. It comes as no surprise that many are now seeking to make their own homes a sanctuary from the outside world, and we feel there would be no better addition to a property than carpets!

While you may not expect it, carpets have been proven to give a huge psychological boost and in these times of increased anxiety and depression even the small things can make a difference.

So, let’s find out more about why carpets can provide a psychological boost!

Carpets are great insulators

For those of us still working from home, being able to work in silence is an important factor if we wish to work efficiently.

Thankfully carpets are exceptional insulators, did you know carpets can reduce the sound of walking by up to 25 to 34 decibels, whereas laminate flooring only reduces 1 to 6 decibels of sound? Installing a carpet will be a welcome addition to those that value their peace and quiet.

Also, your neighbours will certainly be thanking you!

Carpets will save on costs

In these times of financial hardship, many Brits are concerned about rising heating bills and other rising amenities such as increased fuel costs and groceries which have put a significant strain on many within society causing them to question whether they can afford to turn their heating on.

Studies have shown that a lower body temperature can increase stress levels as our bodies exert more energy to stay warm during colder conditions, also we are more susceptible to illnesses such as the common cold or flu when our bodies are at a lower temperature.

Installing a carpet not only creates a cosy environment, but since carpet is such an excellent insulator, it does an incredible job at keeping heat within your property and keeping you and your loved ones warm.

Here at Allfloors, we stock a wide range of carpets to help keep your property not only insulated but stylish as well.

Calming colour schemes

Did you know that the colour scheme of your carpet can have a huge impact on your mood? Colour schemes such as greens, pink, purples, and blues can have a calming effect.

For example, green is a quiet and relaxing colour which symbolises nature that can help to mitigate feelings of anxiety. For many who now work from home, a green colour scheme may be a great way of bringing nature inside your home if getting outdoors regularly can pose a problem.

If you are unsure which shade would best suit your property, then our team of flooring experts would be more than happy to assist you in your flooring journey!

Physical health benefits

While this may seem rather straightforward, how many of us can say they have slipped on a carpet? Probably very few of us, right?

Carpets are far better suited at keeping us grounded to the floor than any other type of flooring, especially with slips and trips causing an alarming amount of injuries leading to hospital trips, a good carpet will eliminate any anxieties you may have about potentially slipping and falling.

Carpet tiles are easy to install and maintain

Carpet tiles are especially beneficial for commercial or office premises with the ease of installation putting at ease many who think installing new carpets can be a lengthy process.

Furthermore, if carpet tiles get stained or damaged, they can easily be replaced. It’s merely a case of removing the individual tile that has been damaged and replacing it with a new tile. Simple!

Carpet tiles are also much easier to handle and transport than say a carpet roll, which is not very practical when carrying up to several flights of stairs in commercial premises in Glasgow.

Carpet tiles offer a far more accessible alternative to help reduce potential anxieties that commercial businesses may have when they wish to install new flooring quickly and efficiently.

Carpets benefit people with sensitivities

There is a common misconception that carpets can be detrimental to one’s health mainly stemming from the falsity that carpets collect dust and other matters, which can be a trigger for many people with allergens.

However, the reality is that carpets are far better at trapping potential allergens and dust particles that can negatively affect an individual with a sensitivity such as asthma. Hard flooring allows dust particles to roam freely through the air. A proper cleaning routine will ensure any potentially harmful allergens are removed permanently.

Some carpets are far better than others at trapping harmful allergens so contact our team to ensure you pick the right product for your needs.

Seeking more inspiration regarding installing carpet on your property and reaping the psychological benefits? Do not hesitate to contact our flooring experts for more info!

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