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How To Clean Karndean Flooring

Looking after Karndean flooring, or any LVT brand for that matter can be hard work. This blog post looks at how to clean Karndean flooring and includes some of our favourite methods, tips and tricks.

Do you really have the time spending hours buffering, cleaning and polishing your floor? Nobody wants to be doing that. A floor is made for living. It’s not supposed to take away from your leisure time.

Don’t fret though as Karndean is designed so it’s easy to look after as well as being hard wearing. This prestige flooring option is manufactured in such a way that it is protected from spills, scuffs and everyday wear and tear through its enhanced surface treatment.

The added surface protection of K Guard+ that helps the floor surface and the implementation of a simple cleaning regime makes Karndean an easy choice when you’re looking for a product that’s stylish yet ticks all the boxes for flooring practicality.

Karndean Flooring cleaning tips

1) Sweep

Everyday cleaning is simple, begin by sweeping away loose dirt and dust.

2) Mix solution

Mix 50 ml of Karndean Clean with the 9L of water. Floor solution does go a long way so make sure you read the instructions before proceeding.

3) Mop

Once you’ve completed these steps then mop the floor and you’re done. It’s as easy as that.


Here are some other fantastic hints to help keep your floor looking its best in the years ahead.

1) Mop up spills immediately

If you have a family and small child around, then you’ll be well aware that spills from drinks and food can happen any time that’s why it’s important to mop up anything that spills right away so it reduces the risk of staining.

2) Use floor protectors to further protect against scratches

To avoid scratching it’s important to avoid dragging or sliding heavy furniture or other objects along the floor. Use protector pads at the bottom of furniture items and chair legs so the Karndean floor remains protected.

3) Similarly, use mats

Protect against moisture and grit by using entrance mats at the front door.

4) Use heavy load castors to prevent indentation

Keep your Karndean floor looking brand new by protecting against indentation from heavy furniture. To do this, use heavy load castors.

5) Never, EVER use bleach

Avoid using bleach-based products on your floor as using these types of cleaning products cause discolouration and can make the floor slippy.

6) Use Karndean’s own cleaning products

To get the most out of your Karndean flooring use cleaning products that are specifically made to clean this designer floor. Moreover, these cleaning products are environmentally friendly, so you don’t need to deal with harsh chemicals or polishes.

For routine cleaning Karndean recommend using their routine cleaner Karndean Clean.

At Allfloors we are Glasgow’s number for Karndean flooring. Karndean is pet-friendly, durable, quiet/warm underfoot, beautiful and adds character to your home.  Please check out our Karndean range today.

Please stay up to date on the blog for hints, tips and more from the flooring industry and get in contact today if we can be of any assistance.

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