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How to Choose the Best Commercial Flooring for Your Company

Build your business on solid foundations with stylish and practical commercial flooring from AllFloors Glasgow.


You demand excellence in all parts of your business, and your flooring should be no different, putting you on a firm footing for the years of success to come.

But how exactly do you go about picking the right flooring material for your premises?

First of all, if you are getting a lot of foot traffic through your site, congratulations! There are worse thing in the business world than having to replace your floors because so many customers are coming through the doors.

However, the right commercial flooring should be able to cope with as much footfall as you could possibly attract for decades with very little sign of significant wear and tear.

Pick the right commercial flooring and you won’t need to think twice about your floors again for many years to come, except maybe to admire just how great they are looking every now and again!

At AllFloors, we fit floors on behalf of offices, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and a whole array of other business premises on a daily basis and pride ourselves on finding flooring that perfectly meets our clients requirements.

Here is a quick guide on how to pick the perfect flooring material for your business.


Consider the use of the space

What happens in your property on a day-to-day basis? Is there a high chance of spillages? Is heavy machinery used on site? How much foot traffic goes through the space?

There are all questions that will help you determine the challenges your new floor will need to take in its stride and help you decide on the perfect one to overcome these challenges.

In a kitchen, a slippery floor is a serious hazard, and with liquids and foods flying around like nobody’s business the risk of a spillage is high. Safety flooring, therefore would be the perfect choice as it retains its traction even when a spill does happen.

On the other hand, in an office building, carpet tiles are fantastic for zoning purposes, helping you to split the space into different departments through colour and style rather than with physical walls or partitions.

Commercial flooring needs to look great, but safety and durability is your number one priority at all times. No-one combines the two quite as effectively as AllFloors Glasgow.

If you are having difficulties in identifying a floor that is best suited to the challenges that your company faces, get in touch and our flooring experts will be delighted to help.


What are your commercial flooring options?

At the end of the day, business owners have all the same flooring choices as any homeowner. If they want it, they can install wood flooring, thick carpets, or full-on marble for that matter.

It might not be the most practical choice though. At AllFloors we have created a range of stunning purpose-made commercial flooring designed to be as attractive to the eyes as it is durable and convenient.

Some of the most popular commercial flooring options include:

Carpet Tiles

Perfect for any office or workplace. Carpet tiles are the ultimate in durability and style, making zoning your workplace easier than every before.

Take control of your aesthetic with a floor that allows you to express your company brand whilst defining different walkways and departments.

Carpet tiles are great for busy workplaces as if damage or spills do occur a single tile can be replaced, rather than the entire floor.


Safety Flooring

Spillages have never caused less of an issue than with slip-proof safety flooring.

Great for kitchens, changing rooms, swimming pool walkways and much more besides, high traffic areas with a high risk of moisture should always be covered in a top-of-the-range safety flooring to protect you, your staff, and your clients.



Durability should never come at the cost of style and Luxury Vinyl Tiles offer both in abundance.

As an official Amtico and Karndean provider, we are the leading LVT provider for commercial customers in Scotland and would be delighted to find the perfect product for your needs.

For more information on picking the perfect new commercial floor, call AllFloors Glasgow now on 0141 404 0114.

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