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Carpet Tiles Glasgow

Here at Allfloors Glasgow, we have a wide range of flooring available to suit a variety of needs. One particular product that we have for sale and is always popular amongst Glasgow commercial and office premises is carpet tiles, a stylish alternative to traditional carpets (rolls).

You can get in touch with us about our range of carpet tiles in Glasgow here, but if you want to find out why they might be more suitable for you than a traditional carpet, we’ve outlined some useful points below.

On the surface, it may seem that there is little difference between the two. But there are some key differences that separate carpet tiles from traditional carpet rolls, which may help you make your decision.


Easy cleaning and damage repair

If a stain appears on a specific part of the floor, the tile can be removed individually for cleaning or replacement. This is much easier than having to clean the entire carpet every time a stain appears. Likewise, if one area of the carpet becomes damaged, the individual tiles can be replaced rather than the whole floor.

Ease of handling

The prospect of carrying a carpet roll up 5 flights of stairs isn’t always practical (or even possible). There are many large commercial and office buildings around the Glasgow area that would struggle to install a carpet roll on every floor, which is why carpet tiles are so useful.

Quick installation

Carpet tiles can usually be very quickly laid. They can also be laid in specific areas at a time which means this can be done whilst other works are in progress

Free to style

Carpet tiles can be easily mixed and matched to create the style that you desire. This kind of freedom is not as easy to replicate with a traditional carpet roll.


Here is a video showcasing 2 different brands of carpet tiles that we supply and install:

So there we have a few reasons why carpet tiles might suit your needs better than a traditional carpet roll.

If you’ve decided that carpet tiles are the right choice for you, AllFloors in Glasgow has an extensive range for you to choose from, and you can order from us here

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