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Best Flooring Options For The Kitchen

It can be a tough job for the kitchen floor, having to deal with muddy shoes and even spilt milk when its balanced with looking stylish and fresh. At Allfloors we know it’s vital to choose the right material for your kitchen. There are various options to choose from here in store. Whether its Marmoleum or LVT.

What are your key considerations? That’s the trick to identify here. Do you want a bit of a flawed character or a slick look? Are you okay with maintaining the up keep of your floor or do you a just want a mop and go effort?  Do you live in a busy household with lots of footfall or is there just a couple of you around?

Whichever floor you decide on, we’ve put together a guide to some of the kitchen flooring options we sell here at Allfloors and the pros of each.


Karndean LVT is a popular flooring in the LVT range.  It is a real stand out as it comes with many benefits. First off, it’s easy to maintain.  No intensive cleans needed here.  It can be cleaned using a mop and if its looked after correctly it can last for decades to come.

It’s durable and tough so if you have a household with children and pet’s you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that it doesn’t scuff or scratch easily.

The kitchen can become cold during the winter months. Karndean helps keep the place warm as it retains warmth underfoot. It’s also compatible with underfloor heating.

If you have a slip in the kitchen due to spillage, Karndean is slip tested so it’s great in areas that can get a wee bit wet, as it is very water resistant.

This floor is also good for the kitchen as it doesn’t harbour dust mites or bacteria. So, in this instance, it’s a good flooring product if you have children who have allergies.


Choosing this flooring for your home is a good option as it has several key benefits. The first reason is that it is environmentally friendly so ideal for the kitchen.  Marmoleum is made up of natural items and they won’t give off any chemical fumes or gases over time as its biodegradable.

It’s also hygienic, just like Karndean so perfect for fitting in the kitchen as it holds antimicrobial properties.

It’s easy to maintain and keep spotless because of its flat surface and with the right ca,re it can last for more than 40 years.

It’s heat resistant too so if your cooking, hot pans or other utensils won’t visibly damage the floor or melt the material, so it reduces the need to replace.

Marmoleum offers itself in a variety of colours, patterns and styles and can be bought in roles, planks or tiles. This is great so its suited to many designs and budgets.

LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tiles

High quality and good on the purse strings, this is another popular flooring product for the kitchen. It can replicate most floors such as wood, tile and metallic or choose a fun pattern.

It’s easy to clean and water resistant. Hard vinyl is robust and is also comfortable underfoot.


Go with excellent quality boards when choosing laminate – that’s what you get here at Allfloors Glasgow. Looked after properly, they are resistant to wear, fading and stains.

You can purchase very realistic textured designs with laminate flooring. It’s well priced, and very low maintenance

At Allfloors, we have the flooring you need to transform your kitchen. Please get in touch and see how we can help you today.

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