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The Benefits Of Karndean Flooring

At All Floors, we’re proud to be Glasgow’s first (and only) platinum Karndean Platinum Retailer.  We know all about the benefits that come with this prestigious flooring product. Here we’ve put together a list of the main benefits that Karndean has when installed in your home.

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The first benefit is a stand out. Karndean flooring is really easy to maintain. There’s no need for a deep clean here as it doesn’t trap dirt like other floors – so gone are the time-consuming intensive cleans. It will stand the test of time and look its best for longer with the use of a simple mop. Karndean is a great option if you have children or pets as it’s easy to clean up if there are any spillages from your little ones.


Karndean is durable and tough as it’s made from sturdy customised vinyl. Again, if you have a busy household with family or pets, don’t worry as the floor doesn’t scratch or scuff easily. If you’re in commercial premises, this type of flooring is great again even in high footfall areas.

Underfoot Benefits

During the cold winter months, Karndean can keep your home warm and cosy. This type of flooring retains warmth so its warmer underfoot compared to a lot of other alternatives. This is a great advantage and an attractive benefit for customers who want to re-floor areas in the home, even the bedroom. Karndean is also compatible with underfloor heating.

Looks Great Anywhere

Karndean is great for use in either commercial or domestic premises as it is fully slip tested and its texture means its great even in wet areas such as a utility room or bathroom. It’s completely water resistant.


If you’re looking to change your wooden flooring, then Karndean is another fantastic alternative. The magic with this floor means you can have the same texture and look as wood but sometimes with a lighter price tag.


Karndean doesn’t harbour bacteria or dust mites and for this reason, it’s a must have for those who have allergies.

Karndean also has great detail with the grains and knots without the practical difficulties.

Easy to replace and repair

Another huge advantage is that in the unlikely event of damage, then you won’t need to replace a whole floor as it’s possible to professionally replace a single tile or plank if need be.

So there you have it, some great reasons why you should consider Karndean designer flooring as your next install in your home.

At Allfloors, we’ve years of experience in the industry so we’re well positioned to give you best advice on flooring.

Pop by the shop or get in touch online and we’ll be happy to get back you.

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