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6 Important Benefits of Carpeting Your Home

When it comes to choosing flooring for your home whether it’s for a new build, renovations to your current property or for your commercial premises, there are multiple factors that should be considered before making the choice. Predominantly, what kind of flooring suits your needs.

When it comes to carpets and carpet tiles there are multiple benefits that many don’t even consider when weighing up the pros and cons to each flooring type.

Noise Reduction

Carpeting your property can greatly reduce noise in comparison to harder flooring options. If you have a top floor flat or a commercial property that must have quiet working conditions, carpets help soften the blow of noisy feet and heavy footsteps to minimise the disruption caused by people moving around.


Even the look of carpet can make a room feel cosier and warmer. Thick carpet options can assist in insulating your home or property, giving it an altogether softer appeal. AllFloors can help fit carpet into your home or commercial premises exactly the way you need for optimum cosiness.

Aesthetically Flexible

One of the biggest perks of choosing to carpet your property is that it offers more flexibility when it comes to colours, patterns and design. You are spoiled for choice when it comes to customising your room with carpet. You can use much more bold and brighter colours making it a great option for those who tend to opt for statement colour schemes.

There’s also a massive choice of quirky designs whether it’s stripes, spots or other shapes. Going for a unique design can be perfect for focal points in the property such as stairways and hallways and gives you an opportunity to put your personality into your home.


As much as we would like to believe that there won’t be accidents around your home or commercial property, they do happen every now and again. Carpeting is much safer should these accidents happen. If you have young children in your family especially, the extra padding provided by carpeted flooring will cushion any trip or tumble. Particularly when it comes to stairs, carpet offers up additional grip under your feet in comparison to hard flooring.

For furry family members, carpet is far more suited to ensure their safety as well. Dogs brought up in hardwood floored homes often have problems with their hip mobility as they grow. They’ll also enjoy snuggling up on soft, cosy flooring more to hard and cold floors.


Although carpet options can stretch all the way to the high end, luxury ranges, depending on what carpet you choose you can find that carpet would be cheaper than a lot of hardwood flooring options. If you’re kiting out your entire home or property, there really is something to suit every budget. Come and see our wide range of carpet options in our showroom, you can find us here.

Air Quality

Carpets trap particles of dirt and dust which keeps them out of the air you breathe and making them easier to dispose of through regular hoovering and cleaning. Especially in spaces where you will be spending large portions of time the quality of the air your breathing becomes increasingly important especially in homes, offices and other commercial spaces. Many recent studies support the idea that carpeting your property has a positive impact on air quality and can see reduced symptoms for asthma or allergy sufferers.

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At AllFloors we are experts in helping you choose the perfect carpet for you, or your business’s needs. Pop into our showroom or get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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