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Commercial areas are busy places that need quality flooring that looks great too. A commercial area is someone’s workplace – employees want to work in a nice area where they can feel comfortable. Visitors should feel comfortable within a welcoming environment too. We believe that Karndean is one of the best options for commercial flooring! This guide talks you through our reasoning behind this bold statement.

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Choosing the correct type of flooring in a commercial area can have a great impact, especially on the appearance. No matter what kind of commercial area it may be – a shop, restaurant or even a health care centre – Karndean flooring is the best option out there.

Karndean flooring is a brand of Luxury Vinyl Tile.  The brand is becoming increasingly popular all thanks to it’s top of the range flooring. Some Karndean flooring collections that are best for commercial areas include Art Select, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Knight Tile and Opus.

Karndean Flooring is Realistic

Karndean flooring is best known for its affordable, yet realistic looking designs. Some designs include stone, tile and mosaic effects. Each design has its own extensive range of colours, tones, textures and details.

The Van Gogh collection is commended for “stunningly realistic looks and textures of timber designs.” Unlike laminate flooring and engineered wood, the product designers at Karndean have convincingly achieved the look and feel of wood thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques.

Karndean Flooring Looks Good Anywhere

Thanks to Karndean’s range of collections and realistic designs, it looks great anywhere. From restaurants and pubs to reception areas in medical practices – there is a Karndean collection to suit any room’s needs.

A wood effect flooring looks particularly great in restaurants, bars and cafes. It offers a stylish and sophisticated appearance.

Karndean Flooring is Durable

Karndean flooring is extremely durable. This is all thanks to the several layers that make up Karndean and adds thickness. However, there’s one layer, in particular, that is more important than any other – the wear layer.

The wear layer sits at the top and is a protective, clear layer that’s complete with a polyurethane coating. It protects the flooring from scuffs, scratches and stains – the type of protection that you don’t get with some other kinds of floor-covering.

Wear layers vary in thickness and can determine the price of the flooring. Thinner wear layers are best suited for areas where there’s less foot traffic. Thicker wear layers, on the other hand, would be best for the commercial areas where there is heavier foot traffic.

The durability of Karndean can make this a more affordable flooring option in the long-run.

Karndean Flooring is Waterproof and slip resistant

One of the best flooring options to go for in rooms that require water resistance alongside style is Karndean. All Karndean floors are water resistant.

This is another reason why Karndean flooring is perfect for commercial restaurants, bars or cafes. The use of lighter grade Laminate or Engineered Hardwood flooring are not always recommended in areas like such. If water gets inside laminate the floor can ‘de-laminate’ and start to peel. When this happens, floors look shabby and unattractive.

Moreover, Kardean flooring is also slip-resistant for certain uses. With slips, trips and falls being the most common cause of injury in the workplace, Karndean flooring can reassure safety. Floors from the Opus Enhance collection have the highest slip floor rating, with a 40+ wet pendulum test rating.

Karndean Flooring is Low Maintenance

Hardwood flooring requires regular and time-consuming maintenance, such as sanding, staining and lacquering. Carpets require regular hoovering and replacement (see our carpet tiles for an easily replaceable office carpet solution).

Low-maintenance cleaning tasks are a top priority in a busy commercial environment. But with Karndean, you won’t need to worry about doing any of this. To keep Karndean flooring clean, all that’s required is regular sweeping and simple cleaning with a Ph neutral cleaner to remove any stubborn stains.

Keeping up with the regular low-maintenance routines will help keep the floor long-lasting.

Karndean Flooring is Eco-Friendly

Karndean commits to offering environmentally-friendly products with low amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

VOCs are a range of chemicals that are found in flooring and are invisibly released into the air. They are major contributing factors in the production of air pollutants that produce potential health risks.

Some of Karndean’s products carry a low VOC test certificate from the US Green Guard Environmental Institute and meets the ‘for use with Children and Schools’ standard.

Moreover, all Karndean’s flooring products use recycled PVC with some ranges containing over 50% recycled content.

Karndean Flooring is Hygienic

Keeping commercial areas hygienic is vital in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Certain types of flooring can be a huge trigger for allergic reactions, as some types of flooring – especially carpets – can retain dirt, dust mites or bacteria.

Karndean flooring is one of the most hygienic types of flooring on the market. Karndean’s luxury vinyl tiles restrict liquids from seeping through, so bacterial growth is unlikely. It’s no surprise that places such as hotels and health practices use Karndean.

Low VOC emissions in Karndean products ensure that the floors will not be emitting high levels of health-damaging toxic gases.

Karndean Flooring Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee

Certain product ranges from Karndean come with a lifetime guarantee. Some of these include:

An excellent hidden cost benefit!

Karndean Flooring is Compatible with Underfloor Heating

Although Karndean flooring is already softer and warmer underfoot than other flooring choices, if it’s laid over an underfloor heating system then it provides extra warmth. This is perfect for employees or visitors during cold winter months.

At Allfloors, we supply and install Karndean flooring. If you’d like to find out more about Karndean and our services, you can contact us here.