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Top tips for maintaining your flooring

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Do you ever stop and think about the cleanliness of your flooring? Did you know carpets can hold approximately four times their weight in dirt or even more?! The build-up of dirt, sand, dust and other bacteria will ruin the general aesthetic of your property.

Regularly maintaining your flooring and ensuring it is in top condition can significantly reduce the potential for structural damage and even improve the value of your property.

There is no one size fits all approach to properly maintaining your flooring, as every property will have its specific type of flooring whether that be carpets or even luxury vinyl flooring, but our tips will ensure an all-encompassing guide to ensure your floors are in tip-top shape!

Here are Allfloors’ top tips for maintaining your flooring!

Focus on high traffic flooring areas

In today’s world, we all live busy lives, and often mundane tasks like cleaning your floors can be overlooked, so when we do get round to our chores, we need to ensure we are as efficient as possible.

So, if you are short on time, we recommend cleaning high-traffic areas as they will have the highest amount of bacteria and dirt build-up than any other part of your property.

Remove footwear before walking on flooring

Keeping shoes off flooring

While it may seem straightforward, we are all guilty of walking on our floors with dirty shoes from time to time. But the hard truth of the matter is that this can be extremely detrimental to your flooring.

Simply removing your shoes before stepping on your floors will significantly reduce different forms of harmful bacteria and chemicals from entering your property and causing potential damage to your floors whether that be through stains from dirt or other materials.

Even by just simply putting down a mat at every entrance of your property will give an incentive for people to wipe their feet, or even better yet take their shoes off when they come inside.

Sweep away dust and dirt daily

We all know that sweeping away dust and dirt is beneficial for the overall look of our properties but sometimes life just gets in the way, and we do not get round to simple chores.

But creating good habits and keeping on top of dust and dirt from building up can save your flooring from potential damage and will just make your property far more visually appealing.

Be wary of wet mopping your flooring

While wet mopping can be used to clean most flooring types such as porcelain tile or luxury vinyl tile, other types such as hardwood flooring or laminate can be negatively affected by wet mopping. Standing water has the potential to cause discoloration or even dull the finish of your flooring.

Clean up spills immediately

Cleaning up spillages as quickly as possible will go a long way in ensuring your flooring does not sustain water damage or become stained.

When it comes to stains on carpeted floors, make sure to absorb the spill with a dry white cloth or a paper towel and ensure you blot the area with a small amount of carpet cleaner.

Finally, do not scrub the spill, this can cause severe damage or even fray the fibers of your carpet. Once the stain has been thoroughly cleaned, blot the area to remove any carpet cleaner residue.

Be wary of sun exposure

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Prolonged sun exposure can cause damage to your carpet and luxury vinyl tiles, harsh UV rays have the potential to cause discoloration and breakdown to some of the most popular brands.

Especially in commercial settings, sun damage to carpets may be a problem as dyed fibers of carpets are exposed to ultraviolet rays causing them to fade out.

Prolonged sun exposure can affect the integrity of carpet fibers, turning an originally soft carpet into a stiff surface that can be difficult to properly repair.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Hazardous chemical on flooring

Make sure you are aware of the effect heavy-duty cleaning products can have on your flooring.

Products such as bleach, ammonia, or other potent chemicals can severely damage most floors.

Most manufacturers will sell their brand of cleaning products for their specific type of flooring whether that be vinyl, laminate, or hardwood.

If you are unsure of what cleaning product to use on your flooring, please contact our flooring experts and we’ll be more than happy to give advice.

Minimise humidity

condensation affecting flooring

Most property owners are aware of the effects of spillage on their flooring, but many do not consider the effects of humidity on their flooring.

Wood flooring is the most common type of flooring affected by high humidity as each board expands as it absorbs moisture from the air resulting in the wood expanding which pushes the flooring upward creating a bounce.

Simple steps such as using a dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from the air which will reduce the amount of moisture that your wood flooring can absorb.

Other steps such as not drying your clothes indoors and making sure your windows are open as much as possible will all reduce the humidity within your property.

Carefully move furniture

Scratches can easily be avoided by lifting and carrying your furniture over your floors, so make sure you do not make the mistake of dragging your furniture.

For heavier pieces of furniture that might pose a problem in terms of lifting, floor protectors will ensure they do not make direct contact with the floor significantly reducing the potential for scrapes to occur.

Seeking further information on protecting your flooring from potential damage? Do not hesitate to contact our flooring experts and we will be more than happy to help!


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Increase Your Home’s Value with the Right Flooring 

When you’re looking to sell your home, there are many factors to consider that can affect your home’s value, as well as its overall appeal to buyers.

One factor that is sometimes overlooked by sellers is the state of their home’s flooring. Buyers, on the other hand, are quick to notice the state of a property’s floors and this can often influence their decision when considering a home. Some real estate experts even believe that the right choice of flooring provides the biggest return on investment a seller can make when refurbishing their home for sale.

So, it’s safe to say that the state of a home’s floors makes a big impact. For anyone looking to sell, special effort should be made to ensure that the right decisions are made around the flooring throughout the home.

Here are some of the flooring choices that sellers can make in order to satisfy what buyers are looking for:

Keep Things Consistent

Introducing too many different types of flooring within the one home can be off-putting to potential buyers. There should be a consistency within the types of rooms and the types of flooring used.

Homeowners, looking to sell, should think carefully about the impression buyers will get from the home by the consistency of the flooring. It’s not just the materials that should be considered, but also colour, finish and style.

Think About Style

As mentioned above, style is important in creating a good impression with buyers. Flooring should complement the wall coverings, furniture, lighting and glazing, and vice versa.Blue and Brown Striped Carpet on a stairwell.

How flooring is fitted is also important, as having two types of floor covering meet in a visible space within one room is considered by many as poor design and can ruin the flow of a room. It’s important to consider every detail about the visual experience your flooring creates in order to maximize your home’s value.

One way of achieving this is by having flooring experts assess and plan the flooring for your home; ideal when refurbishing your home for sale.

Another key thing that buyers will look for in home flooring is its condition.

Keep Floors Looking New

It sounds like a no-brainer but making sure your flooring is in tip-top condition is a vital way to make a good impression on buyers and increase the value of your home.

Before putting your home on the market, make sure to check over the state of your flooring and have it replaced if necessary.

Consider Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles have become far more widely used over recent years. They mimic many different textures, from wood to laminate and stone. Installing these can be an excellent solution when

Blue and White Patterned Vinyl Flooring

you need to replace a room’s flooring before putting the house on the market.

At Allfloors, we stock a range of vinyl flooring options, all from a fantastic selection of manufacturers. If you’re looking to refurbish your home for sale, then we can help provide the right flooring you need in order to spruce up your space and improve your home before valuation and viewings from potential buyers.

Use Laminate or Hardwood flooring

Laminate and wooden flooring is available in many different styles and attractive to buyers due to its versatility and durability. Hardwood also benefits from its perceived (and real) value, being higher in price compared to many other types flooring.

However, it is more than worth the investment as buyers are willing to pay more for a home when it has hardwood floors. Having flooring with an older, ‘handmade’ look is attractive to buyers, and there are many different grades of wooden flooring that can help achieve the desired effect.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your flooring requirements, or even just to find out more about what we do.

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Are Your Floors Ready for the New Year?

If you’ve been thinking about changing up the flooring in your home or commercial premises, there is no better time than just after the New Year.

Not only is it symbolically a time for making changes and fresh starts, but the busy Festive period has just passed. If you’ve been meaning to do some home repair or interior decorating, then early in the New Year is a great time to do it. Similarly, if you need to make some upgrades in your office or commercial premises, it’s better to start while business has quietened down a little.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to have new flooring fitted this January/ February:


If your current flooring or carpet is no longer suitable, it may be time for a change. The cold winter days may have you longing for a cosy carpet, or you may be considering swapping the carpet for some low-maintenance “hard” floors. You may be looking to renovate or redecorate early in the year. No matter the reason, changing your floors can be an essential step towards home improvement.

At Allfloors, we can provide a wide range of flooring solutions for your home, from new carpets to LVT, vinyl, laminates and wood. Here are just some of the product suppliers we can supply and install :

Marble Effect Flooring Tiles


Are your office interiors due an upgrade this year? Office flooring endures a lot and should be replaced whenever the material begins to wear or become difficult to clean. If you’re making repairs and renovations to your office, then flooring is a good place to start.

One of the flooring solutions available at Allfloors is carpet tiles. This is particularly popular with offices and commercial premises as the tiles are easy to replace and repair if worn or damaged; an elegant and low-maintenance solution for a large office.

Carpet tiles are quick to install and can be styled however you want. They are a fantastic option for anyone upgrading their business premises this year.

Commerical Premises

For any retail, restaurant or entertainment space, safe and functional flooring is essential. Allfloors has a wide selection of solutions available for commercial buyers looking to replace or upgrade their flooring :

Restaurant safety flooring in hallway with stairs

New Year, New Floors

With the arrival of January comes a sense of change and preparing for the year to come. If you’re thinking of renovating, upgrading your commercial premises or simply looking for a fresh change to your interior space, we’re bound to have a flooring solution that will be perfect for your needs.

Get in touch with us on 0141 404 0114 to discuss your requirements or visit our showroom at 238 Battlefield Road, Glasgow G42 9HU to see samples of our wide range of fantastic flooring products.