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Harvey Maria

This wonderful company supplies some truly fabulous options for your floors.  Using British designers such as Cath Kidston and Neisha Crosland.  These might just be the prettiest floors anywhere!  But don’t be fooled by their incredible loveliness – they are extremely tough and hard wearing.

A dramatic splash of vivid colour from our Colours collection will bring fun and vitality to any space. Choose from a huge range of shades including luscious Sangria Red, cool Frosty Blue, creamy Latte White and stylish Jet Black: you’ll find exactly the right colour for the mood you’re creating.

For that extra wow, why not mix it up a little by combining contrasting tiles to create a classic chequerboard effect? Or go for fun and funky with your own eye-catching colour combo. And because our floors are so safe, hygienic, and feel so warm under the tiniest of bare feet, it’s the perfect collection for a kids’ play-space or bedroom.

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Ambient Cork

Ambient Cork Flooring is a wonderful floor to walk on.  These are made in Portugal from high grade natural cork, and they are suitable for all rooms in the home.

Please have a look in our brochure for more information.

Download Ambient Cork Brochure


Digitally printed eternal

Advancements in technology have opened up flooring options that had likely never been considered by most homeowners before. A prime example would be digitally printed flooring, which allows the homeowner to choose from a range of striking imagery that has been digitally produced and printed on quality vinyl.  You can even submit your own photo or graphic to be printed onto the flooring – the possibilities are endless. If you want a truly unique floor, this is the perfect option.

“The Eternal vinyl collection includes a series of digitally printed flooring designs which offer a new dimension in colour and design. Subtle colour gradients, a rainbow cascade of colours or spectacular geodes of polished gemstones. In addition to the digital print designs we also offer bespoke tailored flooring designs from as little as 12m2. All options and categories are shown below.”



“The Eternal Rainbow design reveals a spectrum of colour gradients over a 10 metre length enabling a rolling cascade of rainbow hues as the first colour follows the last without any break in the pattern. This scale of pattern repeat is only achievable through digital printing technology. Eternal Rainbow is available in 1.95 metre wide rolls and the width can easily be extended to suit wider areas.”

Magnified Nature


“From Geodes that offer giant “gemstones” to a “Petrified Bark” effect that will form a centerpiece in any interior space, this collection brings nature to the floor in a scale not seen before. As each design can be scaled in size, Magnified Nature is ideal for those looking to create an eye catching feature on the floor. The Eternal Magnified Nature designs are supplied as an insert piece which can be inserted into any of the Eternal colourways in the collection.”



“Supply your own, commision a shoot, choose from many wonders of the world. Our customer service can advise about the type, size and resolution of the image to be supplied.”



“In the graphic category we group prints with various shapes, lines, text but also city maps. Create your own routing, make your floor informative, educational or fun with graphical designs.”



“As the category already indicates, this brings your style, colours, logos to the floor. Play with your company logo or the graphic elements and colours in the floor.”



“Have a piece of nature on your floor. This could also be a pebbles floor, a grass print or leaves printed. A direct copy of nature or abstract interpretations of nature like our Magnified Nature designs.”



“Visuals without borders. Limitless designs, unique in the world of resilient flooring are designs without any repeat or limitations in size, colour reach and borders.”

It’s not just homeowners who can make use of this technology – it’s also perfect for business owners who want to display their business logo or similar on their floor. Having your logo immediately visible can have a profound effect on your customers as soon as they walk into your building, and will create the feeling of a professional environment.






Colour Floor

This is an exciting new range of sheet vinyl available in a range of 18 plain colours.  From black and white, to red, yellow and a choice of blues, there is something to suit everyone.

Flotex Vision

flotex-3  flotex-4

If you want to work with an existing design, Flotex Vision is your best option. Forbo have over 500 unique designs to choose from, so your spoilt for choice. As Flotex has over 70 million fibres per square metre, the designs look incredibly clear and realistic.

“The designs are categorised into 6 themes, ranging from Floral patterns to realistic images of natural materials. All designs are available in multiple colour combinations”

Coral Logo Entrance Flooringcoral-logo coral-logo-2

If a large vinyl floor with your logo on it sounds overly eye-catching, choosing a Coral Logo mat could be the perfect alternative. Discreet yet still impressive, these highly detailed mats can be emblazoned with your logo to ensure that anyone walking into your building knows who it belongs to.“Forbo Coral Logo entrance flooring will retain its looks whilst keeping out dirt and moist for years to come.”

Coral Logo offers you:
• A compelling first impression
• Reinforcement of your corporate identity
• Visually appealing & functional entrance flooring
• Effective dirt removal



Feeling creative? Choosing an Aquajet floor will allow you to unleash your hidden artist and produce something truly incredible. Using revolutionary water cutting technology, Aquajet is perfect for loud, intricate and expressive designs.“You can pimp your flooring with one of our pre-cut designs or you can create your own design. Whether it is a thematic floor, a work of art, a company logo, the possibilities are limitless.”

For more information about the flooring above, please get in touch with us today. 

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