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About Marmoleum

Marmoleum flooring is a sustainable, stylish flooring option. The prestigious linoleum floors are made with all natural materials, the floors are almost made entirely of nutrients. Marmoleum is created from raw materials. These include Jute, Flax, Rosin, Limestone and Wood Flour.

How it’s done: 

  • Jute and flax are harvested annually- just like wheat and corn
  • Rosin extraction is an ongoing, continuous project
  • Wood flour is a waste material from the timber industry and is derived from European forests
  • Limestone is available in abundance.

Marmoleum is an authentic, unique flooring option for both commercial and domestic flooring thanks to the components that create it. The Marmoleum floors are sustainable and can last up to 30 years. Once their life cycle is complete, they can then start all over again as Marmoleum products are biodegradable.

Marmoleum floors can also been burnt to deliver a high calorific value and create a thermal energy that outweighs the energy used during production. Installation waste and production waste are both recycled and used again in production ensuring optimal raw material utilisation.

The Environment


Marmoleum contributes to creating better environments and this is evident in how the floors withstand the test of time and how they’re created. The floors are entirely sustainable and are suitable for home, offices or commercially. Forbo floors are especially stunning and if you wish to speak to us about them, feel free to get in touch.

A floor that’s comfortable to live, work and play on. But looks aren’t everything; often, it’s the things you can’t see that really matter. From how it’s made, our footprint From how we run our factories to how we choose our ingredients, the way we make our floors is a big part of how we meet our mission to create better environments. To how it performs, your footsteps We include the whole life of a floor when we think about its sustainability performance. Which means we make sure our floors start performing from the moment they’re fltted.

The following page shows some examples of our sustainability initiatives. For more details, please visit our web site: www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/creatingbetterenvironments

The Products

  • Feel free with Marmoleum click

    Marmoleum click is a high quality, easy to install flooring system made from natural materials. Available in a wide choice of colours, it is ideal for kitchens, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, playrooms and studies*.  Marmoleum click comes in 90 cm x 30 cm panels and 30 cm x 30 cm squares and features a patented click system, which guarantees easy, problem free installation. With Marmoleum click, it really is easy to turn your wildest dreams into a beautiful reality. *Marmoleum click is not recommended for rooms that regularly get very wet, such as bathrooms and saunas.

Make the click with nature

  • Marmoleum click’s colours are inspired by nature, but its beauty is more than skin deep. The top layer is linoleum, a natural, ecologically produced material made from linseed oil, rosin, limestone and environmentally friendly pigments. Behind this is a layer of water repellent HDF (High Density Fibre board), which is backed by a layer of cork. Due to the way it’s made, don’t be surprised if your Marmoleum click has a yellowish tint on it when it’s delivered. This is oxidised linseed oil, which can colour the surface in the final stage of  manufacturing. The tint will disappear (usually within 24 hours) as soon as your floor is exposed to the light. Also, because linoleum is a natural product, there may be very slight colour and structural differences between production batches, samples and the delivered goods.
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The only rule is no rules

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  • There are no rules when it comes to designing your Marmoleum click floor, but to help you make the most of all the possibilities, here are a few tips. Consider the size and shape of your room. A dark colour or busy pattern may make a small or long, narrow room look even smaller. Stripes or diagonal patterns can create optical effects that completely transform a space. Another consideration is what the room is used for. Living rooms and bedrooms often suit stronger, warmer colours, while light, crisp colours may work better in a kitchen. And then there’s furniture: the more you have in a room, the less of the floor you can see, in which case it may be best to keep the design simple. On the other hand, you can achieve amazing effects with a bright, bold pattern!

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