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Digitally printed Eternal

The Eternal vinyl collection includes a series of digitally printed flooring designs which offer a new dimension in colour and design. Subtle colour gradients, a rainbow cascade of colours or spectacular geodes of polished gemstones. In addition to the digital print designs we also offer bespoke tailored flooring designs from as little as 12m2. All options and categories are shown below.


The Eternal Rainbow design reveals a spectrum of colour gradients over a 10 metre length enabling a rolling cascade of rainbow hues as the first colour follows the last without any break in the pattern. This scale of pattern repeat is only achievable through digital printing technology. Eternal Rainbow is available in 1.95 metre wide rolls and the width can easily be extended to suit wider areas.


Magnified Nature

From Geodes that offer giant “gemstones” to a “Petrified Bark” effect that will form a center piece in any interior space, this collection brings nature to the floor in a scale not seen before. As each design can be scaled in size, Magnified Nature is ideal for those looking to create an eye catching feature on the floor. The Eternal Magnified Nature designs are supplied as an insert piece which can be inserted into any of the Eternal colourways in the collection.


Bespoke Content Partners

Forbo work with a number of design agencies to create, manage and deliver bespoke solutions. For full details please contact these companies directly using the weblinks below and they will manage your project from inspiration to installation.



Supply your own, commision a shoot, choose from many wonders of the world.
Our customer service can advise about the type, size and resolution of the image to be supplied.



In the graphic category we group prints with various shapes, lines, text but also city maps. Create your own routing, make your floor informative, educational or fun with graphical designs.



As the category already indicates, this brings your style, colours, logos to the floor. Play with your company logo or the graphic elements and colours in the floor.



Bringing nature inside. From a pebbled beach, a grassy field or autumn leaves – A direct copy of nature or abstract interpretations of nature like our Magnified Nature designs.



Visuals without borders. Limitless designs, unique in the world of resilient flooring are designs without any repeat or limitations in size, colour reach and borders.



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