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A work from home desk set up with a laptop, larger monitor, mug, and notebooks.

Top tips whilst at home

Having to self-isolate can be a scary prospect. We are continually being updated as the news is changing every day about the Coronavirus.

As we are unable to leave our homes, this seems like the perfect opportunity to do all those little tasks around the house that you always intended on doing. Taking control of your home can be positive for your mindset. This will keep your body AND mind active.

Keeping your morning routine

Keeping a routine whilst working from home is important. This is important for your mental health as well as trying to create a bit of normalcy. Getting up early, or at least not right before you have to start getting work done, will give you some time to really get into the routine. Have some breakfast, turn the TV on, take some time for yourself before getting into the working headspace. For people who don’t usually work from home and have a daily commute, having this time of preparation can be the equivalent of the time it takes to get to work. Put more simply: don’t jump out of bed and start working right away.

A person waking up in the background, with a laptop and cup of tea in the foreground.


As most of us will be working from home now, it would be wise to separate your workspace from your home space as much as possible. You don’t want to think you’re stuck in a 24/7 office! While some may have an office space, others will have to get creative. This also doesn’t mean you need to order a brand-new desk! If your dining table is your workspace, make sure to change your seat when dinner time comes around – a change of scenery! This may seem like an insignificant change but having a different view for working and in the evening can make a whole lot of difference.

Tidy up your work stuff at the end of the working day. This will ensure to separate home from work.

Organisation is key

When working from home, you can tend to have a lot of loose bits of paper lying around. Once you’ve cleared space (refer to previous point), organise your work papers into a drawer or some sort of filing system. There is something sort of therapeutic in having a clean, clear and organised working space. You know where everything is, when you need it. It will save you the time and stress of frantically looking around the house for something important.

Using the time wisely

We can’t leave the house; however this shouldn’t stop you finishing the small tasks around the house that you’ve been intending on doing. We all have something we know we need to do, but have been avoiding. This can be organising a cupboard, getting rid of things you’ve been hoarding, replacing a light bulb, fixing a squeaky door etc. Anything around the house that needs fixed, cleaned, changed or thrown out : now is the time.

A pair of hands changing a lightbulb because home improvement is a useful way to spend the extra time in the house.

Taking this time at home to be productive and make the most out of the situation can bring some much needed calm into the coming weeks. Use and utilise this time, the best way for you. Want a virtual quote? Send your floor measurements to [email protected] and we will get back to you!

Bring Some Celebrity Style to Your Home Flooring 

Wouldn’t we all like to live like the rich and famous?

A huge part of celebrity culture is seeing how the stars live and many videos and articles have been dedicated to celebrity homes over the years. Architectural digest even has a whole section dedicated to the million-dollar architecture and interior design seen in the luxurious properties of some of the most famous names in the world.

One thing that stands out as a trend with celebrity homes is the use of “high-end” flooring. Actors from film and television, music stars and sports men and women etc splash out on lavish décor that is as impressive as it is homely. They need to live comfortably in these homes as well as entertaining guests, after all!

A dining room with hardwood floors.

However, you don’t have to spend millions to achieve a high-end appearance with your flooring.

Get inspired by the celebrities and make your flooring the star of the room, with our tips on finding the right balance between luxury, affordability and comfort.

The Hardwood Look

Hardwood floors are the pinnacle of high-end style and function. They are so luxurious in fact, that having them in your home is known to increase resale value. However, if you’re working on a budget for your home decoration or renovation, hardwood might not be the most affordable option. You still want something highly durable, visually pleasing and traditional, so going for laminate with a wood effect can be an excellent substitute.

Whether in the hallway, living room or dining room, you can expect a textured, comfortable surface at your feet with laminate flooring.

If you’re after that celebrity hardwood look on a budget, you can’t go wrong with laminate flooring. However, there are also plenty of wooden flooring options available out there if you want an authentic feel and appearance. See the range of wooden and laminate floors on offer from us.

Stone Substitutes

Despite the classical look and luxurious style, there aren’t many people in the world who would freely splash out on a stone or marble floor (unless they’re living the high life!). However, the same look can be achieved by using high quality luxury vinyl tiles like those available from Amtico and Karndean, for a fraction of the cost.

Highly durable and with a range of textures, finishes, colours and tiling patterns, luxury vinyl tiles can give hallways, living areas, kitchens and dining rooms a lavish appearance that is still functional – perfect for everyday living as they are for entertaining. You can even give your bathroom floors a classic marble or stone look. LVT lends themselves well to underfloor heating, so this could help seal the deal.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring that looks like wood.

We are a premium Karndean and Amtico retailer, with several other vinyl tile options in stock to give that stone or marble look at an affordable price. View the product range we have available to find your perfect celebrity-inspired flooring.

The Best in Carpets

Finally, to achieve a high-end look you can’t go wrong with the right choice of carpet. Tartan carpeted stairwellWhether you opt for deep, rich colours like navy and purple, a stylish pattern or something bright and minimalistic, there are many effects that can be achieved with fabric when it comes to flooring. There are also many different textures you can choose from to find the perfect feeling floor – you want something that is a pleasure to walk on, especially for stairs, living rooms or bedrooms.

The advantage of carpets is that they can effectively complement your upholstery and curtains. There are few better ways to make your home cosy, stylish and colourful all at once. (Link to carpet page on website)

If you’re wanting to develop the look of your dreams with flooring to rival even the wealthiest of stars, we can help.

Get in touch with Allfloors today on 0141 404 0114 or visit our showroom to discuss your renovation or redecoration ideas. We’d love to hear from you!

Increase Your Home’s Value with the Right Flooring 

When you’re looking to sell your home, there are many factors to consider that can affect your home’s value, as well as its overall appeal to buyers.

One factor that is sometimes overlooked by sellers is the state of their home’s flooring. Buyers, on the other hand, are quick to notice the state of a property’s floors and this can often influence their decision when considering a home. Some real estate experts even believe that the right choice of flooring provides the biggest return on investment a seller can make when refurbishing their home for sale.

So, it’s safe to say that the state of a home’s floors makes a big impact. For anyone looking to sell, special effort should be made to ensure that the right decisions are made around the flooring throughout the home.

Here are some of the flooring choices that sellers can make in order to satisfy what buyers are looking for:

Keep Things Consistent

Introducing too many different types of flooring within the one home can be off-putting to potential buyers. There should be a consistency within the types of rooms and the types of flooring used.

Homeowners, looking to sell, should think carefully about the impression buyers will get from the home by the consistency of the flooring. It’s not just the materials that should be considered, but also colour, finish and style.

Think About Style

As mentioned above, style is important in creating a good impression with buyers. Flooring should complement the wall coverings, furniture, lighting and glazing, and vice versa.Blue and Brown Striped Carpet on a stairwell.

How flooring is fitted is also important, as having two types of floor covering meet in a visible space within one room is considered by many as poor design and can ruin the flow of a room. It’s important to consider every detail about the visual experience your flooring creates in order to maximize your home’s value.

One way of achieving this is by having flooring experts assess and plan the flooring for your home; ideal when refurbishing your home for sale.

Another key thing that buyers will look for in home flooring is its condition.

Keep Floors Looking New

It sounds like a no-brainer but making sure your flooring is in tip-top condition is a vital way to make a good impression on buyers and increase the value of your home.

Before putting your home on the market, make sure to check over the state of your flooring and have it replaced if necessary.

Consider Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles have become far more widely used over recent years. They mimic many different textures, from wood to laminate and stone. Installing these can be an excellent solution when

Blue and White Patterned Vinyl Flooring

you need to replace a room’s flooring before putting the house on the market.

At Allfloors, we stock a range of vinyl flooring options, all from a fantastic selection of manufacturers. If you’re looking to refurbish your home for sale, then we can help provide the right flooring you need in order to spruce up your space and improve your home before valuation and viewings from potential buyers.

Use Laminate or Hardwood flooring

Laminate and wooden flooring is available in many different styles and attractive to buyers due to its versatility and durability. Hardwood also benefits from its perceived (and real) value, being higher in price compared to many other types flooring.

However, it is more than worth the investment as buyers are willing to pay more for a home when it has hardwood floors. Having flooring with an older, ‘handmade’ look is attractive to buyers, and there are many different grades of wooden flooring that can help achieve the desired effect.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your flooring requirements, or even just to find out more about what we do.

Are Your Floors Ready for the New Year?

If you’ve been thinking about changing up the flooring in your home or commercial premises, there is no better time than just after the New Year.

Not only is it symbolically a time for making changes and fresh starts, but the busy Festive period has just passed. If you’ve been meaning to do some home repair or interior decorating, then early in the New Year is a great time to do it. Similarly, if you need to make some upgrades in your office or commercial premises, it’s better to start while business has quietened down a little.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to have new flooring fitted this January/ February:


If your current flooring or carpet is no longer suitable, it may be time for a change. The cold winter days may have you longing for a cosy carpet, or you may be considering swapping the carpet for some low-maintenance “hard” floors. You may be looking to renovate or redecorate early in the year. No matter the reason, changing your floors can be an essential step towards home improvement.

At Allfloors, we can provide a wide range of flooring solutions for your home, from new carpets to LVT, vinyl, laminates and wood. Here are just some of the product suppliers we can supply and install :

Marble Effect Flooring Tiles


Are your office interiors due an upgrade this year? Office flooring endures a lot and should be replaced whenever the material begins to wear or become difficult to clean. If you’re making repairs and renovations to your office, then flooring is a good place to start.

One of the flooring solutions available at Allfloors is carpet tiles. This is particularly popular with offices and commercial premises as the tiles are easy to replace and repair if worn or damaged; an elegant and low-maintenance solution for a large office.

Carpet tiles are quick to install and can be styled however you want. They are a fantastic option for anyone upgrading their business premises this year.

Commerical Premises

For any retail, restaurant or entertainment space, safe and functional flooring is essential. Allfloors has a wide selection of solutions available for commercial buyers looking to replace or upgrade their flooring :

Restaurant safety flooring in hallway with stairs

New Year, New Floors

With the arrival of January comes a sense of change and preparing for the year to come. If you’re thinking of renovating, upgrading your commercial premises or simply looking for a fresh change to your interior space, we’re bound to have a flooring solution that will be perfect for your needs.

Get in touch with us on 0141 404 0114 to discuss your requirements or visit our showroom at 238 Battlefield Road, Glasgow G42 9HU to see samples of our wide range of fantastic flooring products.

Flooring for the hospitality sector part 2

Restaurant and bar owners want practical flooring but also want something that will last and perhaps is a little different. From easy maintenance to longevity, it’s an investment that is crucial. We mentioned some of the benefits for hospitality flooring in our previous blog. These still stand but what type of flooring is best to use within a bar or restaurant?

White and Grey herringbone effect flooring tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) : The attraction with LVT flooring is that it is easy to maintain and there is a wide range to choose from. As discussed in our previous blog post for the Hospitality Sector, Luxury Vinyl Tile replicates the look of wood, stone, slate and marble. The beautiful appearance, ease of maintenance and excellent sound and heat insulation ensures that Luxury Vinyl Flooring is a great, cost-effective alternative to the real thing!

Marmoleum : The benefits include strength and durability when using this very traditional product. This is ideal for when you are flooring a bar or restaurant. The surface is relatively smooth and resists stains, scratches and wearing out. It is one of the hardest wearing products available and is also regularly used in schools and hospitals. In addition, one of the many benefits is that it is a completely natural product, using ingredients such as chalk and linseed oil in its manufacturing process.

Wooden Flooring : There are very few products which come close to the traditional appeal of a real wooden floor, although some get very close. Available in a wide range of colours, this generally comes with a pre-lacquered top surface. This can be sanded and re-applied, as the product wears thus bringing it back to life.

Restaurant safety flooring in hallway with stairs

Safety Flooring : This type of flooring is especially important within bars and restaurants, particularly in serving areas and kitchens. This type of flooring can provide protection and safety for a variety of different environments. We supply and install two main brands : Polysafe and Altro. These are both renowned for their reliability and versatility. Recently, we completed a job for The Rum Shack in the Southside of Glasgow. Here we fitted Altro slip resistant vinyl on the Main Stage, Kitchen and a few of the public areas.

As we have been supplying and installing commercial flooring for many years, we are able to give you guidance when choosing the right floor for your business. The aim is for your bar or restaurant floor to add to the surrounding atmosphere which is why we have such a large selection to choose from. Flooring for Front of House is just as important as flooring for the kitchen.

Flooring Fun Facts

When people think of flooring, they don’t tend to think of ‘Fun Facts’! Once a floor has been installed it tends to only get attention when being cleaned.

Here are some top facts about flooring :

  1. 1. The oldest surviving carpet is called the Pazyryk carpet. At a startling age of over 2000 years old, it dates back to the 5th century BC and was found in the Altai Mountains in Siberia.
  2. Light wood floor tiles
    2. Wooden floors are allergy friendly. The smooth and hard surface of wooden floors does not harbour bacteria or mites. They’re easy to clean and easy to keep bacteria free.
  3. Ceremonial red carpet in an event hall
    3. The red carpet was not introduced to the world through celebrity events, like we would think. It was originally used for marking ceremonial and formal roots for leaders and politicians.
  4. 4. Vinyl and linoleum are often referred to as the same things however they are entirely separate products. Vinyl is completely synthetic while linoleum is made from raw and natural ingredients.
  5. 5. The world’s priciest flooring is the Pietra Frimas LuxTouch tile. This stunning black marble design is inlaid with 95 cut diamonds. Not only that, but each tile contains abalone shell, mother of pearl and black onyx. You could be look at near to $1,000,000 per square meter!
  6. 6. A rug and a carpet are basically the same thing. The only thing that sets them apart is the size. Any piece of carpet that measures less than 40 square feet is considered a rug. This means that, technically, Aladdin’s Magic Carpet is actually a rug.

These are just a few facts on the wonders of different types of flooring. Do you have any facts to add? Flooring will always be an important part of any building. If taken care of properly, it can last 20+ years!
Black and white diamond patterned floor tiles in a bathroom

A job well done!

We recently completed a job in Carmunnock, near Glasgow, where we were asked to replace existing Karndean in a large Hallway, Lounge and three rooms. The previous floor-covering had been inherited by our customers and wasn’t exactly the best Karndean installation we have ever seen!

We began to remove the previous floor and discovered that the preparation work had not been carried out correctly. It had not been primed prior to applying the smoothing compound, and it had therefore ‘failed’ and was very loose. For some smoothing compounds, priming must be done beforehand.

Removal of previous flooring panels to replace it

We had to ‘pull out all the stops’ to get the job done properly, and it proved to be a bit of a challenge. But as always, our fitters (Barry and Tony in this instance) rose to the challenge and provided this first-class finish for our customers.

Karndean Opus wood plank laid diagonally

Here we installed Karndean Opus wood plank, which was laid diagonally across the entire area. Note the border detail – particularly around the curve of the fireplace, and the bottom step ‘bullnose’ in the hall.

Karndean Opus Wood, detailing around the bottom step ‘bullnose’ Border Detail in Karndean Opus wood plank around the fireplace

The Karndean Opus collection is perfect for homes, like this one, as well as in office or commercial spaces too, particularly because it’s both fresh and modern. The Opus collection has a thick 0.55 wear layer/ surface covering, allowing it to withstand heavy foot traffic.

What a beautiful floor – definitely worth the additional work!

Allfloors is an independent, family run business based in the Southside of Glasgow, offering a hug range of domestic, commercial and flooring products and services.

We are also proud to be Glasgow’s first and only Karndean Platinum retailer.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you would like to receive further information regarding our products and services.

Choosing flooring for the hospitality sector part 1: Hotels

The hotel industry is big on visual aesthetics. Everything about the inside (and outside too, of course) must look up to a certain standard and attractive to guests. From the windows and the walls, to the doors and most importantly, the floors!

Arguably, flooring plays a bigger role in hotels than any other feature, because it’s not just about the interior design. Floors must also be durable, comfortable, maintainable and safe.

Getting the right flooring in hotels can ensure safety and hygiene, reduce maintenance duties and keep guests happy, which is why we have created this short guide on choosing flooring for hotels!

Stylish hotel room with a wood effect floor panels

Things to consider

As obvious as it may sound, it’s important to note that hotel flooring is a lot different from standard home flooring. There is a lot more to take into account when fitting flooring in hotels, like what type of room/area it’s being laid in, the acoustics and how durable and safe it will be.

The area of the hotel

Exactly where the flooring will be fit is perhaps the biggest consideration of all. This will determine a lot of other factors, like how soundproof or comfortable the flooring needs to be for that specific area. Hotels are big spaces, with lots of rooms that serve different purposes, so different rooms require different flooring needs. Bedrooms would require more features than reception areas, for example.


Comfort in hotels isn’t just found in beds and pillows, it’s in the floors too! Hotel flooring should be soft and comfortable underfoot, especially in bedrooms and hallways where comfort is vital.


A certain level of silence is required in bedrooms. No guest wants to hear every footstep of their neighbour above, so choosing the correct floor with soundproof qualities can ensure that this doesn’t happen and keep guests happy.


Safety is key anywhere, but even more so in the hospitality industry. Flooring must also be safe for the staff working in the hotel, just as well as guests. With busy staff rushing about at work, they may be at more risk of slips, trips and falls than guests are.


Many guests come and go in hotels, so wear and tear are very probable. Many organisations may not have the time or budget to continuously update flooring, which is why they need to consider durability and find a floor that will last.


With such high foot traffic inside hotels, dust and dirt is guaranteed to always make their way inside and onto the floors. Luckily, there are types of flooring that can resist dirt, staining and smells.


Finally, floors must also still look good. They should look luxurious and inviting, while complementing the rest of the décor.


Here is what you need to know about commercial flooring types in hotels.

Commercial carpets

Good quality commercial grade carpets are traditionally used in hotels.They are warmer and more comfortable than other types of flooring, with noise reducing qualities too. Carpets can be used throughout an entire hotel, but are almost always laid in bedrooms and hallways.

Key benefits:


Carpets retain warmth a lot better than hard flooring options, like wood or luxury vinyl tiles, for example, thanks to the materials they are made from. This is what makes them the most suitable option for bedrooms.

Noise reducing

According to The Building Performance Centre at Edinburgh Napier University, carpets absorb sounds up to ten times better than hard flooring, meaning that neighbours won’t be disturbed by footsteps.

Comfortable on foot

With carpets being softer than hard flooring, it makes them more comfortable on bare foot. In bedrooms, guests are likely to walk about on bare foot, so carpets can promote comfort and relaxation.

Hospitality carpet tiles

Hospitality carpet tiles differ from traditional commercial carpet rolls as they are installed as small squares of carpet. These can also sometimes be fitted in bedrooms but are more commonly laid in areas like conference rooms or function suites.

Key benefits:


Hospitality carpet tiles are designed to last, so they’re built with strong, heavy duty materials that will ensure this.

Quick and easy installation:

With being such a busy industry, hotels usually don’t have a lot of time to spare to close off areas for flooring to be laid. Fortunately, carpet tiles are simply stuck to the floor, quickly and easily.

Cost effective

Hospitality carpet tiles are versatile and re-usable, which makes them cost effective. Even if they don’t suit one room, they are easy enough to lift and reuse in another.

 Luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) replicate the look of natural materials, like wood, marble and rock, making it an inexpensive way to make flooring look more luxurious. LVT may be placed in reception areas or restaurants/cafes within the hotel.

Main benefits

Range of designs:

With such a variety of designs, LVT flooring can look good and fit into any type of room.


LVT is made up of many layers which make it durable, scratch resistant and able to withstand heavy foot-traffic.

Low maintenance:

Hotels already have a lot to clean. But LVT can make cleaning jobs that little bit easier, as all that is required is daily sweeping and mopping.

Safety flooring

Safety flooring is a popular choice in the hospitality industry. Why? The clue is in the name! With this type of floorings ‘safety’ features, it’s particularly useful areas of hotels like restaurants, kitchens, bars or toilets.

Main benefits


Spillages, bacteria, dust and debris will not be absorbed into safety flooring, making it hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.


Safety flooring has been specifically designed to reduce slips, trips and falls, the most common causes of injury in workplaces.

If you’d like to hear more about the services we offer hotels, do not hesitate to get in contact with us today!

Some of our satisfied customers include The Douglas Hotel, where we carried out a full refurbishment and The Leapark Hotel, where we fitted a carpet in the function suite.

Be sure to keep a look out for our next blog, A complete guide to choosing flooring for the hospitality sector part 2: Bars, clubs and restaurants

Close up of safety flooring that has slightly raised circles

What is safety flooring and where should it be used?

Ever heard of safety flooring but you’re not entirely sure what is it and what it’s for? If that’s the case, you may want to keep reading!

Close up of safety flooring that has slightly raised circles

What is safety flooring?

Safety flooring is a type of floor covering that is designed to provide safety and protection from slips and trips in high foot traffic areas that are prone to spillages. It’s mostly made from vinyl mixed with silicone carbide, quartz and aluminium oxides. These elements make it different and safer from standard flooring.

There are two major safety flooring brands:


Altro are the original inventors of safety flooring. Altro safety floors are designed for areas where aesthetics, slip resistance and durability are all a priority.


Polysafe is the safety flooring of Polyfloor. It has managed to establish itself as one of the most popular safety flooring brands in the world. Consistently optimal performance and attractive design has led to the brand becoming widely used in the flooring industry.

Where should it be used?

Safety flooring can of course be used anywhere, but it tends to mostly be used in commercial premises.

Why? The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 (Regulation 12) requires floors to be “suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions.”  Floors that are not suitable, in good condition and free from obstruction can result in slips, trips and falls – the most common workplace injuries.

Moreover, workplace injuries are also not only a major inconvenience to employees, but employers too. Employees could be sued large sums of money for workplace injuries.

Having safety flooring installed is one of the most sensible changes a workplace could make to reassure safety.

Safety flooring is most commonly used in:

Healthcare facilities

Doctors’ surgeries, dental practices, hospitals and care homes are likely to see chemical spills from medicines. This makes flooring particularly hazardous for those in such facilities who may be unsteady on their feet.

Animal care facilities

Veterinary practices, kennels, and animal rescue shelters are likely dealing with scared animals, some may not even be house trained. Flooring in these places must be able to withstand liquids while being quick and easy to clean in order to maintain a hygienic environment.

Pubs and clubs

The floors of pubs and clubs can quickly become swimming pools, with intoxicated customers spilling entire drinks or accidentally smashing glasses. Staff behind the bar are also at risk too, as they’re busy pouring drinks all night in poor lighting.

Sports facilities

There is a risk of accident throughout sports facilities, like gyms, swimming pools and changing rooms. These are humid environments, meaning that floors will quickly become slippery from sweat, showers or spilled water.

Commercial kitchens

Commercial kitchens are fast-paced environments. It’s almost guaranteed that liquids, foods and grease will easily find their way on to the floor. Flooring in commercial kitchens must be able to withstand these spills to ensure kitchen staff are protected.

Why is safety flooring ‘safe’?

By now you may be wondering what exactly makes safety flooring ‘safe’. There are a few great features which makes it safer than standard flooring.

Slip resistant

It only takes a small spill of water for flooring to become dangerous. But safety flooring has been designed to reduce slipping, making it particularly useful in the likes of bars, clubs, commercial kitchens and public toilets. It works by incorporating aggregates into a wear layer. When these aggregates are enough in number and quality, they can penetrate the wet film to provide contact with shoes.


Unlike standard flooring, safety flooring doesn’t absorb any spillages, meaning it can prevent build-up of bacteria, dust and debris. Some Altro products have Easyclean Technology which keeps the flooring looking good and saves time and money when cleaning. This feature makes it perfect for inside health facilities where hygiene is vital.


Safety flooring is also designed to last and survive the harshest of spillages, such as chemicals. It’s hardwearing, with an extremely high impact resistance, so it will survive premises with high foot-traffic too.

Safety flooring in a laboratory environment

At Allfloors, we can provide our customers with both Altro and Polysafe safety flooring, as well as Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Carpet Tiles, for a variety of different purposes.

We pride ourselves in providing first class products and a level of service that we feel is unsurpassed in our industry.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information.

Amtico at work: commercial vinyl flooring

Amtico are market leading suppliers of commercial LVT flooring. With a huge range of colour options available and a wide range of benefits, such as a 20-year warranty, durability and authentic designs, Amtico flooring is an excellent choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Text in purple saying Amtico makes it possible

Amtico Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Amtico have been producing commercial vinyl flooring since 1964, making them one of the world’s most experienced suppliers. Luxury Vinyl Tiles work well in almost any commercial space and Amtico have luxury vinyl tile collections that are specifically suited to commercial areas.

Commercial LVT collections

Amtico Spacia

The Spacia range couples Amtico’s renowned design with a cutting-edge urethane layer. Amtico’s Quantum Guard urethane layer is the most durable urethane available in the market making this an excellent choice for commercial floors.

Logo for Amtico Spacia

Amtico Signature

Amtico Signature flooring features beautiful, highly realistic luxury vinyl tiles. A high level of realism is created by an extremely translucent wear layer. Moreover, Amtico Signature flooring is an excellent heat conductor making it suitable for underfloor heating.

Logo for Amtico Signature

At Allfloors, we can supply and install both Amtico Spacia and Amtico Signature.

Why is Amtico great for workplaces?

The benefits of Amtico commercial luxury vinyl tiles make the brand especially great for workplaces like: retail, hospitality and leisure, offices, education, healthcare and transport.

Low maintenance

Maintaining floors is the last thing any workplace wants to do, however, Amtico luxury vinyl tiles are very low maintenance and easy to look after.

Hard wearing

Amtico floors are engineered from heat-compressed layers to ensure extreme resilience, strength and durability. This means that luxury vinyl tiles are protected from dents, scratches and scuffs. You can enjoy Amtico flooring for many years to come.

10-year commercial warranty

Even if your Amtico flooring does happen to become damaged, do not fret, as all flooring comes with a warranty. The warranty for each collection differs.


Amtico’s commercial vinyl flooring has been praised for its authenticity and ability to recreate the latest flooring trends.



Allfloors offers a complete supply and installation service for commercial clients. With over 30 years’ experience in the commercial flooring industry, our contract flooring team has the knowledge to provide the perfect solution for any business.

From initial survey, to product suggestions and sampling, we can help. We offer a full subfloor preparation service and a professional installation.

Previous work has included offices large and small, shop floors, pubs and nightclubs, restaurant and cafe floors and factory flooring installations.

Do not hesitate to give us a call on 0141 404 0114.